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Computer and Business Lessons

Computer and Business Lessons

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As an in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist. here in Honolulu Hawaii,I’ve recently began getting requests to teach people how to make money and run a business online. I’ve recently officially began giving lessons both in person and via email utilizing my experience with computers since 1995.

Do You Know Why Most Businesses Fail Their First Year?

Lack of training!

I’ve always said, “The great thing about the internet is anyone can have a website up and be in business in 10 minutes.

The bad thing about the internet is anyone can have a website up and be in business in 10 minutes.”

Rich Quick Schemes

Anyone who guarantees you can earn $300.00 a day or whatever is just trying to get your money for their ebook, service or membership. Stay away from surveys by the way. Some of them don’t pay out, but more importantly you’re not building up clientele! You’re just replacing one job for another and are starting over everyday! My business got much easier after my first year. Why? Because I had built a good relationship with my clients and I took care of them. It’s not that as a self-employed full time person I don’t have a boss, my clients are my bosses!

I Don’t Know You!

I CANNOT guarantee you can make money off the internet because I don’t know you!

If you’re a lazy, out of work, beer swilling, won’t get off the couch kind of person, even after I provide you with the knowledge you require to make money on the internet, you may continue to be a lazy, out of work, beer swilling, won’t get off the couch kind of person WITH knowledge that you are too lazy to utilize that could make you money online!

If, however;

You haven’t let life crush your dreams

When someone says you can’t do something you say “OH YEAH!”

You don’t take financial advice from people making the same amount or less money than you do including your spouse, out of work neighbor and best friend

You want to make an even better life for yourself and your family

Then I can help you!

About Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

I began martial arts and self-defense training in 1973. From martial arts training I learned tenacity, self-confidence and to keep getting back up!

I’m a dual certified teacher. There is a HUGE difference between having knowledge and being able to transfer that knowledge in a comfortable, orderly manner which slowly increases the self-confidence of the student!

I’ll teach you to diversify! As you can see, I have several income streams I use to pay my bills and support my family. EVERYONE, whether you have a full time job or not, needs at least three income streams! If one income stream, such as your job, is lost, you have two others to support you and your family. Thanks to the methods I’ll share with you, you will NOT need to do three times the work to get three income streams. There are methods of automation on the internet. YOU WILL BE OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR THE WORLD AUTOMATICALLY!

I’ve been in computers since 1995! Nothing beats experience! I saw the rise of the internet and changes in internet marketing as they began!

About You

What about you?

What are your dreams? What did you want to do after graduating high school before life tried to tear apart your dreams as they may have begun to get smaller and smaller?

Do you enjoy your work? Then you’d be willing to do it for free right? If you truly enjoy something as opposed to convincing yourself you enjoyed it you’d do it for free. My guess would be no.

Would you like an even nicer home?

Would you like to travel?

Most importantly, would you like to spend more time with your family? Advice I always give to new parents is, “Your children will only be that age once. Enjoy it!”

Here Are the Free to Affordable Ways I Can Help You Make Money Online

Become my affiliate FREE
I have directions at
The advantage to this is products are already created for you to sell, promote and for which to be paid.

The disadvantage to this is you cannot make more money by helping others as well.


Become an Independent Business Owner
The advantage of this program is you only buy what you are already shopping for, but at a discount from your own online store! To show you’re serious about wanting to invest your time into your business sign up for the ibo offer that also gives you products. This way I’ll know you’re serious and the deal will include my training time for you as well.

The other advantage of this program is you can also help others make money using even just this method while making even more money yourself JUST SHOPPING FOR WHAT YOU NORMALLY BUY ANYWAY IN YOUR OWN STORE!

As long as you’re shopping in your own store instead of your competitors stores such as grocery stores, big box stores etc., you will have my help for free!

Email Lessons

Email lessons are customized for you and what you would like to do to make money online. Offer your own services, sell real estate like one of my clients , even have your own classifieds such such as Craigslist.

The tuition cost for private email lessons is $19.95 for six sets of emails. That’s six from you and six from me  

Video Conference Lessons
You can see me. I can see you. You’ll be able to see my computer desktop so I can show you what to do, STEP BY STEP IN REAL TIME!

The tuition cost video conference (don’t worry I have the software) is $37.50 per hour

For Those in Honolulu or Anywhere on Oahu

One on one house and office calls! I’ll help you personally learn to make money and run a business online AND help you setup your computer to do so. I’ve given computer lessons from

“I was afraid to take it out of the box till you got here”


“How do I add this post and rss feed to my website?”

I’ve been complimented on my step by step hands on, very patient, positive approach. For one on one in home or office computer lessons for all of Oahu you’re tuition fee is only $75.00 per hour. A professional consultation suggested I should charge more since it is business consulting, but I want to help people where I started and I want to help them achieve their dreams!

Let Me Know What Program Upon Which You Decide!

Send me an email at tutor2000 @

Honolulu Hawaii residents and all of Oahu may call 224-1870 to setup in home or office lessons.


Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

The Best Way to Get FREE News and Information WITHOUT Filling Up Your In Box!

The Best Way to Get FREE News and Information WITHOUT Filling Up Your In Box! by Kirkham

Subscribe to this subscribe to that and then look for it in your email inbox praying it doesn’t end up in your spam filter. Why can’t I get my news and favorite website updates all in one place?  Is this possible with something called RSS News Feeds?


Hmmm Another Way?


If only there were a way to get the free information and even news you like to get everyday all on one page. GREAT NEWS! Three letters, when put together offers a solution in end computer users and beginner computer users can utilize with ease



RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. It’s a way website owners, anyone from single business owners such as myself and huge local news stations such as Hawaii News Now offer News Feeds  .

I Usually Just Check My Email. How Can I Take Advantage of News Feeds?


When I got into computers in 1995, things were a lot different. It was harder to keep track of changes in websites in which you had an interest except through a newsletter, if they even offered one back then or by bookmarking (adding to favorites) a website. Even with bookmarks you still had to go to each website to see if it changed.


Now, the 21st century and tip of the information age adds a very easy to use method of news feeds (RSS feeds) and companies such as Yahoo  , Google and many others have stepped up to provide free easy to use online readers.  Although many of my in home computer tutoring students here in Honolulu Hawaii feel more comfortable downloading things onto their computers in the beginning, there’s really no need for that any longer.


All you need to take advantage of this WITHOUT having to fill up an email inbox is to simply look for the rss symbol which looks like sound waves emanating from a source, the word newsfeed or in a blog look to the right or left of the main content.


In a blog you’ll see two options. You can subscribe to content or comments. If you enjoy the discussion you can of course subscribe to both!


My Personal Recommendation for an RSS or News Feed Reader

Yahoo has been offering news feed readers for a long time now. I also like the fact they already present some news on your page, which you also have the opportunity to customize. On your Yahoo page you can get news from your favorite websites and even local news ! You’re given the option to make Yahoo your home page which means it’s the first page that opens when you double click or single click your internet browser icon such as Internet Explorer or FireFox. The Google Chrome internet browser (a program which helps you to browse the internet) as of writing this takes a plug in or extension in order to achieve a subscribe page such as Internet Explorer’s a FireFox’s page which easily allows you to click subscribe.


With you don’t have to customize every computer you use to get the news you wish to get on your Yahoo page. All you have to do is get a free Yahoo account . Once you do this you can log onto your Yahoo account with any computer and get your free RSS news feeds and information!

The Great News About FREE RSS News Feeds As Compared to 1995


The standard web page language in 1995 was html which stands for hypertext markup language. It was a one sided way of conveying information which gave very little flexibility. Now as of writing this computer lesson for you, the most popular web page format is WordPress.

WordPress is a blog format. Most of you have heard of a blog, but may not understand what it is. It began as a way for people to keep a record or log of their daily activities etc. on the internet. In other words a web log or, you guessed it, blog. Its own nature made it more interactive and website designers  and internet marketers  immediately saw the value in such an interactive, versatile format. Blogs have rss feed capabilities built into it! That means anyone who has ever written a blog can get their information out much easier via rss and YOU can get their information much easier via rss feeds!


RSS news feeds are the latest development in an easy, simple way to send and receive information. If you’re not using RSS feeds, your email inbox is too full!

About The Author J. Richard Kirkham is an in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist  in Honolulu Hawaii and remotely for the world. Rick is known and has been referred by computer tutoring clients for his relaxed, hands on, step by step approach toward teaching beginners to businesspeople how to use computers for both personal use and business. Mr. Kirkham also has a reputation for his knowledge and tenacity as an in home computer virus removal specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii and remotely.

5 Different Websites You Can Build to Make Money

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5 Different Websites You Can Build to Make Money

First, I want to start with a broad overview of the types of sites I build:

1. Informational Only Sites
2. Product Review Sites
3. Product Sites (Selling Your Own Product)
4. eCommerce Sites
5. Service Sites

Informational Only Sites
These are your “made for adsense” type websites, but in actuality, they give quality information to the visitor – they are just montized with Adsense.

You set them up just like a regular blog, throw some intitial content in there (preferably 30 to 50 posts), get some links (10 to 30 links) and just keep posting content. The way these make money is strictly from adsense. NO AFFILIATE LINKS! But of course have a facebook page, twitter account, and email subscribers!

You just keep posting content targeted to long long long tail keywords – no other link building involved (other than your initial 10 to 30 links to the home page). So over time, you will get more and more authority, and more search traffic, and more adsense clicks.

Product Review Sites

Simple enough right? Write some product reviews and post em and you should be ranking pretty high in no time! NOT….well it depends on the niche. Guys and gals – you can create a niche review site that makes over $1000 per month only using product reviews!

First, you set up it up like a blog. Create a unique home page that targets the keyword, for example:

“baby stroller reviews”

Idk, I just thought of that but it could be any type of product. Try to stay away from electronics unless you think you can compete with cnet, consumerreports, etc. Then you create pages on your site for the different brands of “baby strollers” – if that was what your site is reviewing.

The home page and the “pages” (as in pages in wordpress, not posts) should have internal links to your pages and specific review posts. The goal is to rank #1 for “baby stroller reviews” and have people clicking through your site to find the review they want (increases time on site and decreases bounce rate) – so internal links are critical.

Then, you have your reviews, which are posts in wordpress. Those are specifically targeted to get traffic from searches for the specific product, brand, and model number. For example:

“Fisher-Price Z280 Double Baby Stroller Review”

I made that up, idk if fisher price even makes baby strollers but i’m guessing they do. These posts will get lots of long tail traffic especially if you have a hundred of these.

How do you make money? Well, affiliate links – preferably with a price comparison “plugin”. The price comparison should be at the BOTTOM of the post, not at the top. Google doesn’t like it when ads are shown above the fold, and an affiliate link is an ad in google’s eyes…so just keep it at the bottom of the posts. I get more clicks and more subscribers when I put em at the bottom.

*Note: it works better if people keep buying new products over their lifetime – like fishing stuff for example – I always buy new poles all the time and if there were a site that compared all the poles, and had price comparisons, I would go to that site every time.

Product Sites (Selling Your Own Product)

This is getting long, so I’ll keep this short. Anyone can create a product. The majority of my products I sell are digital. ebooks, pdfs, video series, mp3s, apps, and whatever else you can think of that you don’t have to have a closet to store the shyt.

*A site with 30 visitors a day can make $500 per month…so how many sites can you make that get 30 visits a day??? lol

Use the membership site to sell videos, ebooks, etc – that’s your members area after they made the purchase. Use free search traffic, or better yet, facebook marketing. Get people to sign up to your list, educate them, sell them, education them again if they don’t buy, and then sell them again.

Once they are sold the product. Send them Affiliate offers for a year – like links to amazon products that they can use (easy with autoresponders).

The key to selling products is building trust. You can build trust with a free “ecourse” or “video course”. This means you need to focus on getting people signed up to your list and teaching them something!

eCommerce Sites

There is only 1 ecommerce site I own and I love working on it because I get to design my own stuff like logos and crap.

I use for that – so it’s not really “ecommerce” i guess, you are more of an affiliate, but it is fun and it’s cheap! it’s like $0 to start one of these…and like my dad always says “anything free is worth saving up for”.

You can create your own logos and put it on a bunch of products.
The marketing is the fun part too! No more building links! Use FACEBOOK! Set up a page and promote it to your friends after you have set up a few different designs. People will start to like it and share it and eventually you will be 100% google free….imagine that.

Service Sites
I have 1 service that caters to you guys – internet marketers.

You can start any type of service you want, and with those premium business themes the sites are super simple to get started. I would start with one or 2 different services, find some forums to start promoting and talking to people in and go from there. Facebook and SEO are good for services too if you produce content on a blog.

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How To Handle the “Pyramid-Scheme” Objection

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How To Handle the “Pyramid-Scheme” Objection

  Written by Tracey Walker on Dec 2, 2011 10:05 am

 Read More: Dealing with Objections

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Many people get stumbled when they are asked this horrible question, “Is this a pyramid scheme” or “Is this one of those pyramid selling structures?”

When someone asks you this question, you must not fumble or stutter… in fact, you must be very happy that they ask this question because it shows genuine interest on the part of the prospect because better to have a passionate, negative prospect than a lukewarm person. A passionate, negative person can be turned into a passionate positive person who will go all out for your team, but only if you handle the pyramid objection intelligently.

Firstly, a pyramid scheme is often confused with network marketing or multi level marketing. People feel that the guy who starts FIRST is often the one who gets all the money while the downlines do all the work. Others would associate the MLM company as being illegal.

You see, MLM generally pays over a multi-tier compensation structure and you can earn money up to many levels deep. However, it doesn’t mean that the person on ‘top’ will generally earn more money than the downline.

Let’s take Amway for example. If you want to ‘Go Diamond’ you will need to build up 6 teams.
But if you want to go Double Diamond, you need to personally build up 9-12 teams (as an example). So if you build 6 teams only but your DOWNLINE, builds 9-12 teams, does it makes sense that your downline should earn more money than you? Sure your downline is part of your team and he is helping to expand your group, but since he put in more hard work in personally building a team, it makes sense that the downline Double Diamond earns DOUBLE of what you should make even though you are on top!

Next, if you consider that network marketing is a business about helping people, you can’t try and sponsor as ‘wide’ as possible (e.g. personally sponsoring 20 yourself) but you don’t help any of them succeed. You are no longer building a network but you are creating a recruiting job for yourself! And if they don’t succeed, you can bet your next commissions check that you will be sponsoring people over and over again for the next few years.

Most compensation plans pay you well only when your downlines succeed. Hopefully you are prepared to HELP your people.

So in order to handle the objection, consider that – network marketing is a LEGAL network building business that MOVES PRODUCTS through many levels and the one who works the hardest will get paid the most (contrary to a corporate pyramid where the CEO might not necessarily work the hardest compared to the clerk, but the CEO gets paid the most nevertheless).

To your success,

Tracey Walker

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90 Ways to Make Money Online

90 Ways to Make Money Online Even if Your Dead Broke

Naturally be certain to see J. Richard Kirkham’s or Mr. Edward Sun’s talk on making money, thinking outside of the box and using systems not time!


Like Writing?

  • Get paid to write articles for
  • Get paid for writing how-to articles on
  • Get paid to post abstracts on
  • Get paid to translate at
  • Get paid to transcribe audio files on
  • Get paid to guide others at
  • Get paid to blog at
  • Get paid to tweet at
  • Get paid for reviewing software at
  • Get paid for reviewing websites on
  • Get paid for writing product reviews on
  • Sell short reports at
  • Sell your own paid newsletter using
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Like Doing Gigs?

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Like Designing Stuff?

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Like Coding?

  • Sell a turn-key website on
  • Sell professional, flashy websites created using
  • Sell WordPress plugins at
  • Sell software source code at
  • Sell your pre-made Android apps at
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Like Helping Others?

  • Get paid by renting your place to travelers at
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Like Having Fun?

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Like Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing?

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Like Promoting for Profit?

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Like Selling Random Stuff?

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STILL want more ways to make money?

No problem – Here are 10 BONUS ideas just for you:

  • Do an odd job
  • Seek emergency assistance from charities
  • Collect your change
  • Become a temp worker
  • Hold a yard sale
  • Recycle scrap metal
  • Pawn your stuff
  • Sell your hair and plasma
  • Sell random stuff to motorists
  • Go scavenging

Hope the post helped!

Naturally be certain to see J. Richard Kirkham’s or Mr. Edward Sun’s talk on making money, thinking outside of the box and using systems not time!

Profitable Hot Dog Cart Business

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4 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Presence

4 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Presence

Lindsey Pollak, Career Coach & LinkedIn Ambassador

For those of us who live in cold weather climates, turning the calendar page to April is a glorious moment. Although it’s still cold outside, you know that spring really is on the way.

If you’re like me, that first whiff of warm air also gives you the decluttering bug. That’s right — it’s spring cleaning season.

While most of us do some spring cleaning in our homes and offices, today I’m going to talk about spring cleaning online. These days, our computers and databases and social networking profiles can become just as cluttered and musty as our closets and garages and desk drawers.

If you feel as if your LinkedIn experience could use some sprucing up this spring, try implementing these 5 tips:

1. Kick-start your keywords. If you’re not attracting a lot of interest to your LinkedIn profile, take a look at what words you use to describe yourself. They might be doing more harm than good. Last month, LinkedIn released a list of the top 10 LinkedIn profile terms that are most overused by professionals based in the United States. According to LinkedIn data, those terms are:

  1. Extensive experience
  2. Innovative
  3. Motivated
  4. Results-oriented
  5. Dynamic
  6. Proven track record
  7. Team player
  8. Fast-paced
  9. Problem solver
  10. Entrepreneurial

Why should you avoid these words? They’re not “bad” in and of themselves, but because they are so common on LinkedIn profiles, they can appear empty or meaningless to a potential employer or networking contact; there’s nothing memorable about them. If you have these words on your profile, try replacing them with more specific descriptions of your accomplishments and skills.

2. Feature a new photo. One of the first things people see when they click on your LinkedIn profile is your headshot. Could yours use some improvement? Your LinkedIn photo accompanies all of your status updates, group discussion comments and any other activity on the site, so you want it to be a positive reflection of you. I like LinkedIn photos that are high quality (not blurry or grainy), professional (not casual snapshots or screen grabs of wedding photos with the spouse cut out) and those that feature a smile or positive expression.

One recent trend I’ve noticed is taking one’s photo in career context. For instance, if you work in the sports industry, take a photo in a stadium. If you work for a university, take a photo in front of the school’s main building or statue. This immediately places you in context and makes you memorable. (Note: It’s okay if you don’t want to include a photo for privacy reasons, but if you’re going to post a picture, make sure it’s a good one.)

3. Add a few apps. Another smart way to perk up your profile is to add some LinkedIn Applications. If you travel frequently, try TripIt, which enables you to share your travel itineraries and potentially set up appointments and build deeper relationships with LinkedIn connections in the cities you visit. If you’re a visual type, consider SlideShare or Google Presentation, which allow you to add presentations to your profile. I also love the Reading List by Amazon, which invites you to post books you’re reading and share your reviews with your LinkedIn connections. The overall goal of adding more applications is to give people as many reasons as possible to find something in common with you.

4. Get active in groups. As the manager of a LinkedIn group, I’ve noticed that my group has some “stars” — people who consistently post thoughtful, engaging comments and draw the attention and admiration of other group members. There’s no reason you can’t be one of those stars. All it takes is a commitment to share interesting and relevant articles, to comment on popular discussions, to help people when they ask for advice or ideas and to respond to group who comment on any discussions you begin. Think of posting a discussion in a LinkedIn group as the online version of hosting a table at a conference luncheon. When you’re the host, you get to know everyone and you gain the credibility and respect of being a leader.

What other ways have you found to perk up your LinkedIn profile? Please share!

Note from Admin of Why not start your own business at least on the side so you don’t depend on just one person or company for an income. We’ve all seen what can happen when we do that

How to Make Money with Surveys

How to Make Money with Surveys

You’re even seeing surveys advertised on television. Companies are paying for your opinions!

Whether you’re looking to make a few extra bucks a month to cover a new car payment, or you’re looking for a full-time income you can earn from home, this is one of the easiest and most fun ways to make money anyone has ever seen. And we guarantee that you will agree with us.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading and I will explain exactly why this is possible – and more importantly – how YOU can get started in the next 5 minutes.

Reasons why you should get started immediately:


Get paid to take online surveys and make from $5 to $75 each, or more.

Get paid to participate in focus groups and make up to $150 an hour.

Get paid to take phone surveys and you can earn as much as $120 an hour.

Get paid to try new products (and keep the free products too).

Get paid to preview new movie trailers for $4 to $25 an hour.

… and it doesn’t matter where you live, or who you are – you can do it too. I have shown thousands of people all over the world, in over 70 different countries, how to get paid for their opinions.

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Ebay Millionaire Tells His Secrets

Ebay Millionaire Tells His Secrets

“45-Year Old eBay Powerseller Since 1997 Puts Up His Right Hand And Swears Under Oath That He Can Turn You Into One Of eBay’s Biggest, Baddest, and Richest Sellers On The Marketplace!”

“Grab your piece of the 400 billion dollar eBay pie and explode your income in ways you could never even possibly begin to imagine! This 10-year veteran eBay millionaire will disclose to you the same behind-close-door secrets that have generated him over $8.7 million over the course of his eBay career.”

From the desk of Tom Barnes:

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